Eat cake and support your village church

Just to let you know that The Piddington Bakers will once again be filling the community stall with a mouthwatering array of cakes, buns, biscuits, tarts – and I daresay a few mince pies – all baked by the good people of Piddington.

There’s nothing nicer than homemade cake at the weekend, so come and buy a little treat. Or, if you’re a keen baker, and would like to provide something for the stall, please contact Heather.

The cake stall is being run by members of St Nicholas’ Church, and all the proceeds from it will go towards the much needed repairs to the fabric of the church. You can read an update on the work done so far here.

Who’s coming to the Autumn Market?

Well, not this Pantry Person, unfortunately, as on 14 September I’ll be otherwise engaged – though I will certainly miss being there. Not just the brilliant atmosphere on the day, and chatting with people I haven’t seen for ages while sampling some of the delicious tastes on offer (not to mention the fantastic range of local beers and ciders we’re offering), but also the buzz and excitement of helping to get the market ready. It’s hard to describe how great it feels when, after all the hard work, you step back just before it opens and see that everything has suddenly come together. The hall is always decorated so beautifully, the stalls and the coffee shop always look so attractive and welcoming, and everyone is friendly and eager to make it a really enjoyable event.

Anyway, if you’re lucky enough to be in Piddington from 10 am to 2 pm on 14 September, here’s what you’ll find there.

You can make the list bigger by clicking on the rectangle at the bottom right; clicking on a link will take you to the supplier’s website.

Summer Market photos

Here are a few photographs from the Summer Market, which, I think you’ll agree, give a flavour of the fantastic atmosphere on the day. Thank you, John, for taking them.

Phew, what a scorcher! Cool off with Pimm’s at The Pantry

There’ll also be The Piddington Bakers, strawberries and cream, news about the transformation of Widnell Park into a nature reserve and details of how you can help, lots of new stallholders and some old favourites, delicious things to buy and, of course, the popular coffee shop with its fantastic bacon baps.

Why would you want to spend a sunny Saturday morning anywhere else?

And, once again, please don’t worry about the road closure signs – all roads into Piddington will be accessible.

Pantry poster 4 summer for printing A4_A5-page-0

Who is coming?

Here is the current list of what’s on offer at The Pantry Summer Market. It should be great – now all we need is summer to stay around for a little bit longer.

And please be assured that all roads into Piddington will be accessible – the local council have been very accommodating, and have made sure we have free access at weekends. So do come along – and, to make a perfect day of it in our lovely corner of the world, why not go on to Ludgershall Fete afterwards?

You can make the list bigger by clicking on the rectangle at the bottom right; clicking on a link will take you to the supplier’s website.

We’re still here!

Anyone driving around Piddington in the last few days can’t fail to have noticed all the road closure signs that have sprung up like weeds after rain. Not to mention the barriers across the roads into the village, which are often held by stern road workers who stop nervous travellers, asking fiercely where they’re going before allowing them to pass.

The reason for this quarantining is, fortunately, not plague but road resurfacing. We villagers are starting to feel a bit cut off from the rest of the world – and sometimes from the rest of the village, as we’re unable to leave our house when the work is being done in front of it.

But if you’re deciding that venturing into the lost world of Piddington on 8th June will just be too nerve-wracking, please don’t worry. There will be access to the village hall on the day, and in any case, the road works aren’t happening at all in Ludgershall Road, where the hall is located, so even in the worst case scenario, you could still reach us easily by coming via Ludgershall.

We just have a couple of details to finalise, and then I’ll post a list of who’ll be coming to the market and what products we’ll have for sale.

And don’t forget, you can preorder from Bucksum, Debbie’s Home Cooked Food and JM Walman, and collect your goods on the day. (Contact details are in the previous post.)

Piddington Bakers at the Pantry

This is a call for bakers!

We villagers have always known just how good the bakers of Piddington are, and the recent Great Piddington Bake Off revealed even more local talent.

Inspired by the success of the Bake Off, an exciting idea grew to have a village community stall at the next Pantry market, selling a host of delicious homemade cakes and bakes, sweet and savoury, with all proceeds going to the village groups whose members undertake to run it. The Pantry will not charge for this stall, and the hope is that the Piddington Bakers community stall will be a regular feature of the markets, raising money for village ‘worthy causes’ on an ongoing basis and benefiting the whole community.

The first community stall will be at The Pantry Summer Market on 8 June and will be run jointly by members of St Nicholas’ Church and the Piddington Village Hall Management Committee.

The theme of the market is ‘The Great British Picnic’, so be as inventive as you like – quiches, pies, interesting breads and picnic rolls, biscuits, buns and cakes to take on a ramble or a fabulous gateau for that alfresco tea in the garden.

Bakers of Piddington, can you rise to the challenge?


Latest poster

Here it is, going up on noticeboards in Piddington and surrounding villages. The note about the road closures refers to the recent surprise we had when our local council informed us that village roads would be closed for a period including the day of our market!

On further investigation, it became clear that, despite the official notices warning the public of the closures, this should not affect access to the market on the day, as the road where the village hall is, is not one earmarked for closure.

So the market will definitely still be happening – please come along and enjoy the summery delights on offer!

Pantry poster 4 summer for printing A4_A5-page-0

The Pantry sets a trend

Just as we were finalising arrangements for our new community stall at the summer market, I read yesterday (here) that in Thame, a nearby town, ‘South Oxfordshire District Council has provided £1,545 to the Thame Market Co-operative to allow the group to buy a new market stall for local community use. The stall … will provide a permanent area for local producers, community groups and nearby entrepreneurs to display and sell products to the general public.’

Well, how cutting edge are we, then? We just thought it would be a terrific way to make sure that all parts of our little village benefit from The Pantry project, and suddenly we seem to be in the vanguard of a whole movement. Well done, Piddington!

Anyway, the discussions about the community stall were in full flow last night, at the village hall AGM, so it should be a really tempting table. Piddington bakers are renowned for the deliciousness of their cakes – I have no doubt that several villagers are already earmarking their favourites: W’s delectably moist ginger cake, maybe, or M’s heavenly almond cake … you know who you are, ladies! And, of course, there may also be contributions from participants in the Piddington Bake Off.

So, if you want to be in the trendiest spot this summer, forget Wilderness and Cornbury – just head to Piddington, and feel cool and ever so slightly smug.

Community stall

In my last blog I mentioned that we hoped to join forces again with other groups in Piddington. This idea has borne fruit, and at the next market (8 June), we’ve planned to allocate a stall to other village ‘worthy causes’ so that they can sell goods to raise funds. At the summer market, the stall will be run by members of the church and the village hall management committee. All the money raised on this community stall will be split between these two groups, and will thus benefit the village as a whole.

Naturally, as it was inspired by the Bake Off, this first community stall will be featuring a host of delicious homemade cakes and bakes – and we know just how good the Piddington Bakers are! I’d say it’s worth visiting the summer market for this stall alone – but of course, we’re planning lots more to tempt you …