Pantry people

Who are we?

Of course, the success of The Pantry depends on the help of a large group of volunteers – not to mention the support of the stallholders and the people who come to browse, enjoy the coffee shop and buy some goodies. But the people listed below are the ones who got together originally to investigate the possibility of starting a community shop in Piddington. As a result of initial discussions, the group decided to organise a regular seasonal community market – The Pantry – as a first venture.

You can contact any one of us about any aspect of the market, as we share responsibility for the organisation and running of The Pantry. However, each of us has taken on some particular tasks on a day-to-day basis, and these are shown beside each name.

Francesca Darby – general enquiries, product ordering, dealing with suppliers: 01844 238294 or email
Ken Howard – stallholder co-ordinator, liaison with local newspaper contacts: 01869 320950 or email
Chris Weavers – treasurer: 01844 238707 or email
Karen Joy – coffee shop: email
Maggie Pearce – volunteers co-ordinator, coffee shop: 01844 237688 or email
Hazel Coleman – publicity and marketing, maintaining The Pantry blog: 01844 237582 or email
Andrew Coleman – publicity and marketing: 01844 237582 or email


Would you like to be more involved?

We can always do with more volunteers.

If you think you’d be interested and would like to know a little more about volunteering, have a look at ‘Be more involved?‘ in the ‘Pantry people’ section of this blog.

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