Great day despite Pantry weather!

Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be The Pantry without some freak weather event.

Last time, we lost the village hall’s big marquee in the gale-force winds, and the outside stallholders had to hang on to their replacement garden gazebos all day, to keep them from flying away.

On Saturday, market day dawned with an interesting combination of rain, sleet, hail and snow – a little more than we’d bargained for in the middle of April! Combined with the power cuts that happened at odd moments, conditions were a bit challenging.

Mind you, it’s not the first time The Pantry has battled with snow at a spring market. You may remember a few years ago we took The Portable Pantry to Studley Wood Golf Club through a heavy blizzard in mid March. All I can say is don’t book a holiday on 20 August, when we’re having The Pantry Summer Market.

I’m pleased to say that Great British pluck and spirit prevailed and the day turned into a great success – a very big thank you to everyone who helped and who came on the day. Despite the atrocious weather – which naturally changed to  bright sunshine while we were dismantling the brand-new big marquee – there was a steady stream of people coming through the doors all the time, which was great. I do hope all the stallholders had an enjoyable and profitable day.

Best of all, the Coffee Shop ran out of baps, and had to use the loaves from The Cornfield that were for sale in the General Store. Well done, Maggie, Karen and the rest of the team for making the Coffee Shop such a popular destination!

Finally, I have to say a big thank you to Bella (also known as Lula) and her friends who ran a stall selling items they had made themselves to raise money for Cancer Research. They were fantastic fundraisers, and their gorgeous stall was the highlight of the market. Well done, girls!

cancer research



Author: Hazel at The Pantry

I live in a small Oxfordshire village, and am writing a blog for The Pantry, a community project to provide the village with a place to meet and to buy locally made and sourced products and to raise funds for village causes.

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