A mighty wind


Indeed yes. This was the big marquee on Saturday morning, just before the stallholders started to arrive. Despite the team’s best efforts to secure it, the winds overnight on Friday were so strong that the marquee was practically blown inside out, with the force of the gusts tearing the fabric and mangling the frame.

People – including the early stallholders – rallied round to help dismantle it, and some villagers brought their own gazebos to shelter the foodie stallholders, who should have been in the marquee.

The wind was still very strong on Saturday, and there was much British determination and stoicism in evidence among the (now) outdoor stallholders, hanging on to their gazebos to stop them blowing away while at the same time trying to give customers change or, in Sandy from Waddesdon Deli’s case, to cook sausages!

All the stallholders were great about the far from ideal conditions, and we are very grateful to them for their good humour and helpfulness. We are also hugely grateful for everyone who rushed to help, so that the market could carry on and to the volunteers who showed real Blitz spirit through the day. And of course, thanks to all the people who came along to buy, to snack, to chat – in fact, to everyone who helped make The Pantry’s 3rd anniversary such a success, despite the weather’s best efforts to disrupt it!

See you next year!


Coffee Shop menu

For those of you who like to plan your snack opportunities well in advance, here’s a menu for the Christmas Market tomorrow.

Pantry menu xmas 2015-page-0

It looks like it’s going to be the usual Pantry weather – gale force winds and possibly rain – so I expect sales of comfort food and drink will be brisk.

The marquees are up, and hopefully well tethered down – though if you see a huge white tent-type thing flying down Ludgershall Road tonight, please alert one of the Pantry people!

See you tomorrow.