Where will everyone be?

Of course, it may have to change when we start setting up on the day – every market seems to throw up something unexpected that means we have to rethink our plans at the last minute. But for now, I think this is where you’ll find everything:

Piddington Cottage Garden Plants
Event and Party Essentials
Secondhand Book Stall (if fine)

Large marquee (entrance)
Common Leys Farm
Open Air Foods
Gaia Products (Greek food)
Horton Accessories
The Pantry Raffle

Main hall
General Store
Coffee Shop
Piddington Bakers
Needle & TED
Alex Simmons
Jenni Walker
Richard Walker Photography
Ann Winsome Crafts
Violet’s Allsorts
Piddington’s Community-Led Plan

Small marquee
Waddesdon Deli Company
Beer Stall

More stallholders!

We thought we couldn’t fit any more stalls in to the market this Saturday, but then we had requests from two people we’d really love to include, so with a bit of reorganising, tweaking of floor plans and crossing of fingers, we think we’ve managed it.

So as well as all the stalls listed in my earlier post, you’ll find:

Violet’s Allsorts: Linda Thompson will be bringing along candles, bath body scrubs, bath oils, bath bombs and an assortment of soaps, all homemade. The name derives from Linda’s grandmother Violet, who taught her lots of homemade skills, and her usual reply when asked what she makes – ‘All sorts’!

Event and Party Essentials: Lots of exciting and fun things to make your party a success – balloons of all shapes and sizes, face paints, masks, glitter, costumes, party tableware. Come and say hello to Lynda and John – you’re bound to find something you’ve never seen before on their stall.

Pantry by numbers

When we met recently to plan this year’s markets, Chris, our treasurer, started things off by giving us a statement of our current finances.

So, for those of you who like facts and figures, here is the story of The Pantry in round numbers:

Number of Pantry markets held8 (+2 stalls at other markets)

Income – £12,600

Expenditure – £7,100

Surplus – £5,500

This got us thinking about just how much The Pantry has achieved since it started. When a few villagers first got together, in October 2012, with the vague idea of exploring whether a community shop and cafe was feasible in Piddington, we thought a good start might be to hold a Christmas market that villagers would find fun and a bit different. It would help to raise funds and we’d see whether there was any interest.

It’s now April 2015, and The Pantry is still going strong. In fact, at the recent launch event of Piddington’s Community-Led Plan, The Pantry was often mentioned as one of the things people liked about living in our village.

If you’re a frequent visitor, you’ll know how popular these markets are. We advertise them widely, and visitors come from quite far afield, many making a point of telling us how impressed they are to see such a small village put on a regular event like this. The few people who organise The Pantry rely hugely on the enthusiasm and commitment of a much larger band of excellent volunteers, without whom the markets couldn’t happen. The volunteers are mainly (though not exclusively) Piddington villagers.

Of our total income, some is always used to replenish stock and improve subsequent markets. Since we started, for example, we’ve bought a new marquee, which enables us to house more stalls. Expenditure on equipment like this also benefits the village as a whole – the marquee has been used for other village hall events, as has the coffee machine we bought for the Coffee Shop. The remainder is put in the bank, as the foundation of a community shop and cafe fund. If at some point in the future we decide that a shop and/or cafe isn’t going to happen for some reason (unlikely, but possible, I suppose), then all the surplus money raised by The Pantry over the years will be given to other village groups to be used for the benefit of Piddington residents.

So thanks, everyone who has supported the markets so far – and if you haven’t been to The Pantry yet, what are you waiting for? The atmosphere is great, there’s always lots to look at and tasters of food and drink to try and the Coffee Shop is fab. Come to the Spring Market on 18 April, and don’t miss out on something that Piddington is doing so well.