‘More Christmassy than Christmas!’

That’s a quote from one of the visitors who came to the market on Saturday. It was a fantastic day, and the hall was buzzing and festive the whole time. We had more stalls than ever, and the variety of lovely things on offer combined with the great food served up with a smile at the Coffee Shop made this market the best we’ve ever had.

So many people told us that what was happening here was really special – ‘A proper villagey event, with a real sense of community spirit’ – and they wished they had something like it where they lived. We met a lovely young couple who’d come all the way from Nottingham, deciding to have the perfect Christmas shopping weekend by combining a visit to The Pantry on Saturday with a trip to Bicester Village on Sunday. They’d spotted our event notice and this blog on the internet and decided we sounded worth investigating. They seemed delighted with what they found, had bought several presents and said how lovely and friendly all the people were. We were thrilled that our fame had spread so far!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped put on this fantastic event. Goodness knows what we’ll have to do next year to surpass this year’s Christmas market. An ice rink …? (No, Pantry People, it’s a joke!)

Anyway, I’ll let you into a little behind-the-scenes secret. Shortly before opening time, Maggie and Karen arrived to discover the grill on the oven had stopped working. No tears, no tantrums, no panic (well, only a little panic) – they just set to, found some frying pans and coolly coped with the unprecedented numbers of customers and the barrage of orders coming at them from all directions. Knowing how competent and capable both of them are, I wasn’t surprised – but I was full of admiration for how they responded to what could have been a disaster. And I don’t suppose anyone suspected a thing. Well done, the Coffee Shop team!

And well done to everyone else who helped make it such a lovely festive event!


Author: Hazel at The Pantry

I live in a small Oxfordshire village, and am writing a blog for The Pantry, a community project to provide the village with a place to meet and to buy locally made and sourced products and to raise funds for village causes.

One thought on “‘More Christmassy than Christmas!’”

  1. Congratulations to you all! We were very sorry to miss it but family party away took precedence.

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