‘A Market on a Plate’ cancelled

Sadly, we’ve made the decision to cancel ‘A Market on a Plate’, our evening of local food and drink tastings that was planned for 13 September.

Although we’re still convinced it would have been a really good event, we just didn’t sell enough tickets to make it viable. We all felt that, if there weren’t enough people to give it a really buzzy atmosphere, it would be better not to go ahead but to have a rethink.

The Pantry would still like to hold an evening social event based on locally sourced food and drink, perhaps in the spring, but we need to tailor it to what people want. Because we feature only local produce (including wine), the cost of putting on such an event is always going to be higher than if we were to source our menu items from further afield. In fact, to keep the ticket price for ‘A Market on a Plate’ at £15, we decided to subsidise the event using £200 of Pantry funds. Although we would have made a monetary loss, we thought it would be an exciting thing to offer to Pantry-goers, and a little bit different from other social events held in the village.

The regular Pantry markets are very well supported, and always have a great buzz about them, so we’re really interested to learn why this event didn’t appeal to people. We know a lot of people were away at that particular time, but were there other reasons for the low ticket sales? Was it the cost of the tickets? Was the publicity material unclear? Or was it simply the wrong type of event for the village?

If you saw the event advertised but decided not to come, what were your reasons? Would you be interested in a similar event in the future? If not, would your decision be different if the tickets were cheaper? Should we perhaps explore holding a joint event with the Village Hall, where The Pantry supplies the food and the Village Hall supplies the drink? Contact The Pantry and let us know your views.