Mad March Spring Market

Despite the almost constant rain and general greyness, you can sense a faint stirring of spring in the village. Snowdrops are sprinkled in gardens, primroses brighten up the bare earth beneath trees and the earliest daffodils, beside the stone walls, are pressing upwards urgently and will soon be bursting into flower. It’s lighter a little earlier at the two ends of the day, and, after the rare glimpse of sunshine yesterday, I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to feel a lightening of the spirit and the step. The earth has turned on its axis once more, and everything feels poised to hurtle into the turmoil of spring.

At Pantry HQ, we’ve had our first planning meeting for the spring market. I don’t know whether it was the satisfaction at starting on our second year, the pleasure of getting together again and throwing around lots of new ideas or the two bottles of wine that mysteriously disappeared over the course of the evening, but I’m afraid by the end of the meeting we were all a bit overcome by laughter. Hence, probably, our theme for the next market – Mad March.

Posters will be going up on noticeboards soon – to replace the last ones, which mentioned the spring market, but gave the wrong year. Oh dear. My (not very convincing) excuse is that it was still 2013 when I did them. And it was still the festive season …


Author: Hazel at The Pantry

I live in a small Oxfordshire village, and am writing a blog for The Pantry, a community project to provide the village with a place to meet and to buy locally made and sourced products and to raise funds for village causes.

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