Where to start? Our new marquee?

The Pantry People got together last night to run through all the things that need doing before the Christmas Market on 7 December, and I came back home with my head spinning. (And no, it wasn’t the small glass of something we all needed to warm us up on such a cold night.)

We were looking back at last year’s market, and realised what a long way we’ve come in a year. When we formed our little group, in October 2012, none of us had any experience of putting on an event like this. We just wanted to have a community market in Piddington that villagers would find interesting, fun, social and something a little bit different. We all put in our own money to get the market off the ground, and, while we hoped we wouldn’t lose it all, we had no idea if we’d break even, let alone make a profit. Fortunately, the people of Piddington were fantastic – volunteering to help on the day, make cakes, set up and clear away, and do all those useful things that need doing.

One year on, and, while we’re never going to be a threat to Tesco’s profits, we have managed to make enough money to buy (with the help of a grant from Piddington Parish Council) our own Pantry marquee. We already make use of the Village Hall’s marquee, so, with two marquees to play with, we’ll have even more space for a variety of interesting stallholders.

The new marquee’s first outing will be at the Christmas Market on 7 December. (I originally thought we’d be using it before this, at the barn dance on 30 November, but this was just me getting my marquees muddled. But the reminder is still worthwhile: if you’d like to come to the barn dance, but don’t yet have your tickets, please email PiddingtonVillageHall@gmail.com or ring 07591 186 495 as soon as possible, as there aren’t many left.)

Bathshebas wedding poster1-page-0-2

So please come along and see the new, improved Pantry – now with extra space. And baked potatoes. But that’s another story …


Author: Hazel at The Pantry

I live in a small Oxfordshire village, and am writing a blog for The Pantry, a community project to provide the village with a place to meet and to buy locally made and sourced products.

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