Nearly there

We’re all trying to be very calm and grown up here at Pantry Central, but behind the scenes there’s frantic last-minute activity to make sure everything gets done in time for the market this Saturday.

This is only the second time we’ve done this, and, although much of the organisation went more smoothly this time, because of lessons learned from last time, there is still a mountain of tasks to do before we open the doors to everyone on Saturday morning.

Partly, this is because of the amazing award we’ve just received. We wanted to try to use the money to buy things to enhance this market, so people could benefit from them sooner, rather than waiting until summer. So we’ve been scurrying around buying a coffee machine (tested for the first time last night, at our volunteers meeting), gingham tablecloths and – most exciting of all to some of us – lovely red 100% cotton tote bags with our name printed on them in white. These should be delivered tomorrow, and personally I can’t wait to fill one. Or two. Or …

Last night, some of the products we’ve bought to sell in the General Store were brought along for volunteers (and us) to look at and in some cases test. I absolutely loved the lavender toiletries range, made from lavender grown in Islip, not far from here. Wonderfully aromatic, complex, clean fragrance – quite different from many commercial scents. That should be popular as a gift for Mother’s Day, the following day.

Once again, we’re offering to make up baskets filled with products bought at the market, so I think there’ll be some delighted mothers this weekend.

Well, I must press on. More signs to print, bread bags to label, jars to price …


Author: Hazel at The Pantry

I live in a small Oxfordshire village, and am writing a blog for The Pantry, a community project to provide the village with a place to meet and to buy locally made and sourced products.

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