Food and drink at The Pantry

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Fans of the Coffee Shop can relax – we’ve ordered plenty of bacon, mushrooms and lovely fresh rolls ready for Saturday. And the cake makers have started whipping up some delicious creations for you to have with your morning coffee or take home for later.

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Sandy from Waddesdon Deli will be cooking up a storm, as usual, and and trying to keep up with the demand for her tasty cheeses and other savoury goodies, and we have a brand new stallholder, Woodstock Fudge Company, who’ll be offering scrumptious homemade fudge in various flavours. Come along and get your fill!


And don’t forget the beer stall. Andrew and Ian will be defying the elements to bring you your supply of XT, Vale and Shotover ales.

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See you there!

Radio Oxford


Listen out for The Pantry on Radio Oxford next week. They’re including a plug for our Spring Market in their events guide that will be broadcast twice a day throughout next week.

I can’t say I enjoyed faffing around with incomprehensible audio editing software or hearing the sound of my own voice wittering on, but if it encourages people to come along and see how lovely The Pantry is, then it’s been worth while. And it does mean I now know how to edit a sound file – sort of. Being a Pantry volunteer leads you into so many new areas!



Who’s coming?


The posters are all out in the village and surrounding area – you can’t miss our enormous banners on the A41 – so here’s the roll call of stallholders who’ll be at this year’s Spring Market.

Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day on 26th March! You’ll find a selection of lovely gifts at The Pantry – from jewellery, handbags and accessories to pottery, ceramics and handmade fudge. And Paul is sure to have the perfect card!

Zena Ashdown: Gorgeous and affordable handbags

Jennie Bosher: Handmade decorations and cards, knitted cushions and toys

Flooseymoo Jewellery: Caroline King’s handmade silver & semi-precious gemstone jewellery

Horton Accessories: Fine accessories for women, men and the home

Kim’s Jewels: Fun and affordable jewellery and scarves

Colin Nicholls: Functional domestic pottery that is simple, beautiful and safe in the dishwasher and microwave

Paul’s Cards: Phoenix Christmas and birthday cards, stationery and gifts

Piddington Bakers: Village community stall selling delicious homemade cakes and bakes in aid of St Nicholas’s Church

Piddington Cottage Garden Plants: Plants grown by Maggie and Tony Pearce, usually propagated from plants in their own garden

William Rolls Ceramics: Salt-glazed earthenware ceramic sculptures inspired by nature – a big hit at the Christmas Market!

Woodstock Fudge Company: Delicious homemade fudge using traditional methods and ingredients – NEW

Waddesdon Deli : A Pantry regular, Sandy’s stall sells delicious home-cured and home-smoked produce, cheeses and more

We also have the following regular attractions …

Beer Stall: Local ales from Vale Brewery Co., XT Brewing Co. and Shotover Brewery

General Store: Including products from the Cornfield Bakery, Jim and Jules, Shaken Oak Mustard, our own Piddington Village Apple Juice, and our own Piddington Chutney, both made from fruit grown in the village

Pantry Raffle: Fantastic prizes! Make sure you buy a ticket

And last but certainly not least, it’s the …
Coffee Shop: Homemade cakes from the Piddington Bakers, croissants and pain-au-chocolat from the Cornfield Bakery, legendary bacon and mushroom baps and more, all served up with frightening efficiency by the dazzling duo of Maggie and Karen and a crack team of volunteers

If you haven’t been to The Pantry before, come and see why it’s so popular. If you’re a Pantry regular – I’ll see you at the Coffee Shop!

New look website for spring

Well, I’d been thinking of refreshing the website for a while now, as we’ve been subtly changing our Pantry logo over the last year on all our new publicity and labels, and I thought the blog should reflect this new look. However, I was sort of bounced into updating the site suddenly today owing to reading about a necessary update to the software and realising that the ‘theme’ (the design that gives the site its look and feel) I’d been using for the last five years is no longer supported by the webhost and so couldn’t be updated. I expect this is all as clear as mud to most of you – it certainly is to me – but essentially it meant that to keep the website secure, I had to choose a new theme.

I’ve chosen this design because it seems clear and fresh, easy to read and find your way round, works well on PCs, tablets and mobiles, and seems to have most of the features I need to let you know what’s going on at The Pantry. But it’ll be a bit of a learning curve getting to grips with it, so please bear with me while I get it into shape. I hope everything that was on the previous website has carried over into this new one – it seems OK, but if you spot anything you think is missing, please give me a shout.

Happy New Year!

We had a great year holding some really good markets in 2016, culminating in the Christmas Market, which for sheer variety was one of the best we’ve had. It was wonderful to have a stall featuring the beautiful work of the Piddington Patchers – what amazing skills we have in the village.

We’re beginning the new year by planning how we can make The Pantry even better.

For starters, we’ve decided to hold four markets in 2017 rather than three, as we have done in the last couple of years. So far, for every market we’ve always had more stallholders who’d like to attend than we’ve had tables available. We don’t like turning people away, and we do like to have a variety of goods on offer, so we always need to do some last-minute juggling to fit folk in. In the hope that we continue to be in this fortunate position, we thought having an extra market date would mean that anyone we couldn’t squeeze into one market wouldn’t have too long to wait till the next.

Next, I’d like to ask you to think of The Pantry when you’re out and about, and let us know if you spot anyone you think would be good to have at a forthcomking market. You may remember I wrote a blog about this last year – ‘Pick your own Pantry‘ – and supplied a flyer containing the 2017 market dates and contact details to give to potential stallholders so they could get in touch with us. Please think about doing this – we find that word-of-mouth recommendations often result in excellent stalls.

Finally, hot off the press, here’s the poster for the Spring Market in March. Not long now!




B is for … Brand new stallholders

There’ll be four exciting new stallholders on Saturday, offering unique gifts for family and friends – or even yourself!

Colin Nicholls

Colin has been making pots in his garage/studio for more than 30 years and exhibits annually as part of Bucks Art Week. He’ll be bringing ‘domestic’ pottery and porcelain, fired in a gas kiln to 1260-1280 degrees C. All his pieces are dishwashable and microwaveable.

Gail Church

Gail will be bringing wooden rocking horses and wooden toy boxes.

Natalie Roach

Natalie will be bringing driftwood Christmas decorations.


William Rolls Ceramics

William makes salt-glazed earthenware ceramic sculptures inspired by nature. Specialising in observing dogs, he works quickly to capture the movement, life and essence of his subjects. He includes organic matter such as seaweed, which produces unique results in each firing, so every piece is a one-off. You can see more photos and videos of William creating his sculptures on his Facebook page.